Barton's disciples guided him through empty city streets, they were armed - mostly with energy weapons. Barton believed that you should use what you were best at and his cult almost entirely had basic energy weapon training, despite having access to some more basic but powerful weaponry. "Savage lands for savage people," Barton mumbled.
"We're better than them sir," Stowell one of the disciples commented.
"How very correct Stowell, I have raised some of you from birth. Some of you have never seen the opportunity to experience Seattle."

"We're capable enough to survive these freaks of nature." Cohen one of the freshest disciples announced, he was naïve to the wasteland. He had experienced all the luxuries that PARTICLE had to offer. But despite his naivety Cohen could easily imagine himself leading expeditions like this one day, he was confident, too confident. "They may be freaks and savages but I assure you young Cohen. These people have society and some are even slightly intelligent, they're taught to kill from the moment they leave the womb. By age five they've most likely crushed a couple of Radroaches. So imagine what they can do to another man by age fifteen!"

Barton rolled a bit forward and stopped next to another disciple. The disciple was standing, binoculars against his eyes: "I see it sir, the space needle. We're getting closer to the ZAX."
"Very good Gerry, just imagine the technological possibilities when my genius is hooked into a machine with that kind of processing power. My imagination runs wild at the thought."
"It'd be a very good day for science sir."
"Think beyond the limits of science! It'd be a very good day for the Commonwealth, heck it'd be a very good day for America."
"You think we can do this?" Stowell asked.
"I know so, we get access to that computer and humanity has made another step in the right direction. Mankind will be domesticated once again, the complex nature of a brain will have its purpose, hell will be good."


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