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A labyrinth of tunnels lay beneath the Space Needle, it made McFly feel like he was back home in Vault 7. Even the smell was similar: wet rusting metal and battery acid. He had been going through every computer, one by one, running systems diagnostics but the source of the problem seemed to stem to a central computer. Terminal documents mentioned a ZAX a large powerful supercomputer capable of completing complex calculations in seconds. He'd heard of these ZAX machines from looking into restricted files on the Overseer's terminal, remotely of course, there wasn't a chance in hell he'd ever attempt physical entry into the Overseer's office.

He had been walking around this maze for about two hours already when finally he stumbled upon a door, a large double door completely locked. "Damn it." McFly accessed the adjacent terminal and began trying to electronically crack the doors open. His Pip Boy whined and buzzed with each access failure. Going through multiple phrases they all lead to failure. "Fuck" McFly grunted as he banged the side of the terminal. There must be some way into this he thought.

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