Community Meeting

Besides the old lavender farm was a barn, what once was a home for farming equipment was now a place to hold the occasional community meeting. Because the residents of Sequim were so overly laid back they barely ever gathered in this place. On some decayed wooden chairs, the key individuals of Sequim sat and talked. Altogether there were the brothers Willis and Moore, the community's 'mayor' Joan Marshman, her lover Otis, and the town's general store manager Floyd Booth. Esther and Slab were there too, of course, standing awkwardly at the side. "So," Joan began. "There's been a threat made to Sequim, a body of a poor soul tossed into town. Esther and Slab here made the discovery but didn't see the culprit. Is that right?"

"That's correct yes Joan," Slab answered.

"Are you sure you didn't see anyone?" Joan questioned. "What were you doing outside so early anyway?"

"Me and Slab are earlybirds. We rise early, wander around breathe in the fresh morning air. We're not responsible if that's what you're implying Joan," Esther sighed irritated by Joan's strange tone.

"What about that ghoul that's wandered into town?" Moore asked the group.

"We can't suspect that ghoul, he's only just arrived."

"So you'll suspect me and Slab but not that ghoul who conveniently arrived just after the body turned up? What have you got against us all of a sudden Joan?"

"I have nothing against you Esther, just like how I have nothing against Slab. I am just making theories. We will of course investigate the ghoul but it seems unlikely he's behind it."

Slab shook his head, these people often gave him a headache. Sometimes he questioned if being here was the right thing. "Everyone let's all calm down. I know I have no proper authority but I would like to suggest that the brothers look into this further, if that's okay with them?" The brothers both looked at Slab and nodded, it was no problem. "Very well. Joan, Otis and Floyd if you could keep things in check so panic doesn't spread in the town that'd be wonderful." They nodded too. Slab didn't understand why this sudden sense of authority overcame him, but he kind of liked it. He didn't get why they so easily acknowledged him either, maybe it was something to do with being ordered by a super mutant. No matter how accepting the people of Sequim were, a super mutant will always intimidate a human.


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