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Summary: Your death is a small price to pay...

Mavromichali Mortimer

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Gender: Male

Age: 72

Group: Citizen of Dusk


"Lucas noted how tall and thin the old man was. His grey hair was unkept and he looked unsteady on his feet."

Home District

The Sprawl


Once one of the most promising scientists in Dusk. His papers and experiments were considered ground breaking. He was a purist; pursuing knowledge for the sake of knowledge and many believed he was destined to lead the Society of Savants one day.

He was struck from the Epistemological Society of Savants for breaching the city's strict thaumaturgical laws and performing illegal experimentation on human subjects and served a ten year sentence in the Black Gallows.


His work.


Hates the Epistemological Society of Savants Council

Deepest Desire

To unlock the secrets of flagesium aided mutation and to once again claim his place amongst the greatest minds of the city.

Dark Secret


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Image of Mavromichali Mortimer
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