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Summary: I would die for my girls.

Lucas Eli

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Gender: Male

Age: 37

Group: Citizen of Dusk


Heavy set middle aged man with tired eyes and a warm smile. The years of labour in the Steamworks have taken their toll.

Home District

The Sprawl


Lucas is a Dock Hand over at the Green Rail. He unloads flagesium from the train carriages and then loads it on to the conveyers to the nearby refinery. The job takes its toll, with most workers being forced to retire early due to low grade mutations caused by flagesium exposure.


His family and meat pies from old Tina in the Sprawl market.


His job and specifically the overseers at the Green Rail.

Deepest Desire

To get a "clean job" up in the twins or the centrum and give his family a decent life.

Dark Secret

He stole flagesium from the Green Rail in payment for his procedure.

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Image of Lucas Eli
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