Crash landing and chance meetings

A group of teens is walking home from the mall. They shortcut through a construction site suddenly a alien space ship crashes inside is a weird horse like creature called an andalite

"My name is Baltaris Goran Ishtal" he says. "Hear me he continues your world is in grave peril", he continues breathing erratically. "Your planet is slowly being takin over by a race of parasitic worms, worms that get in your ear and take over your brain." His breathing is getting more and more rougher as he continues. "I have a way to save your planet he pulls a large blue cube out of a compartment next to him. Touch this cube and you will be givin the ability to morph. To touch any creature and become yhat creature. It is the only way." So now the descision is yours do you touch the cube and fight for your home or do you walk away.