Four Dead

- The Silver Road, 17th of Second Seed, 3E, 433 -

The four men walked to the edge of the clearing. Sung could tell right away they were bandits and they had been drinking. He let out a sigh.

"This is an unfortunate day for you." he said as he moved into a quickdraw fighting stance; his hand over the palm of his sword.

"I think you know that won't end well." the highwayman took a bite of an apple and looked back at his friends grinning. "You know what we want, friend, let's have it..." he beckoned with his hand. "And put your hands down, you'll only embarrass yourself."

Sung smiled "I have my Sensei say otherwise. Besides, I have nothing to give you." says Sung.

"Oh, everyone has somethin'. How about you, lady?" the bandit leader cocked his head at Alessia and walked over toward her. The other three approach them as well.

"This here is our road now. You pay us a toll, you can pass." said the bandit leader as he reached for one of the tea cups.

With blinding speed Sung quickdraws his sword and in one fluid move he swings across severing the man's arm. The bandit leader screamed out, grabbing at the stump of his missing appendage. He then fled into the trees to the north. Sung knew the man would bleed out.

The Nord highwayman rushed Sung but was stopped by a hard kicked to the ribs. The Redgaurd highwayman swung his scimitar at Sung, but the monk deftly sidestepped it. The Nord came back with a glancing blow from his Warhammer even through his block with Sung's Akaviri katana. The older imperial highwayman missed with his shortsword, again Sung proved evasive.

Sung still had three bandits on him. He knew his mentor was watching his every move evaluating what he was doing. Sung focused on his ki allowing him to move faster. He struck the Nord again with another kick, felling him to the ground. The Nord coughed up blood. Keeping his momentum going, Sung hit the Redguard in the nose, breaking it. Blood splattered as his head snapped back. Sung spun with an elbow strike to the man's ribs. He felt the man's ribs break and the highwayman fell to the ground.

The last man dropped his weapon and slowly backed off.

"Sit!" Sung orders the highwayman. "Keep your hands open and in sight."

Without taking his eyes off the man, he sheaths his sword "Master, do you have any questions for him?" asks Sung.

Alessia remained silent still evaluating him. Sung grunted, "How many of you are there?" he asked calmly but with authority.

"J...just me... you've gone and killed the rest. P...please... I yield to you." stammered the Imperial.

"Answer the question. How many in your camp?" Sung asks again.

"I swear... I tell you true." The highwayman pleaded.

"Where is your camp or base!?" Sung pulls his sword a little.

"Just east of here, off the road. Not more than a few minutes walk. Look, we just saw you and thought it was easy pickings! You don't gotta hurt me! I'll go and you'll never see me again." said the highwayman.

Sung told the man to get up and start walking towards your camp with his hand still on his sword. Sung moved behind the man as he complied.

After a few minutes, they arrived at a small group of tents and bedrolls. The fire pit was burned-out, bottles of alcohol laid strewn about along with various satchels and chests. A starved-looking horse stood nearby tied to a tree. Once the highwayman turned his back again, Sung attacked with Flurry of Blows striking him several times. He heard the highwayman's neck break on the final blow.

Sung investigated the camp for evidence of any more highwaymen or a bigger camp but the evidence proved nothing more than the 4 highwaymen matching the number he encountered. There were signs of loot from other travelers. Sung took with him a decent-looking leather and gold-trimmed chest that was locked and a set of thieves tools that was rolled up next to it. He also took a small dirty pouch with 10 gold Drakes, the currency of the realm. Lastly, Sung took a small pouch full of a silvery-white crystalline powder that seemed to glow from within. He took the horse and headed back to his master.

Alessia waited for Sung in a sort of samurai sitting position, still taking tea. The severed arm and the bodies of the highwaymen had been removed.

"Sorry that took so long, Master. I just wanted to make sure there were no witnesses." said Sung sitting across from her with his swords beside him. Alessia bowed, acknowledging him.

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