Road to The Imperial city pt. 1

The Imperial city, 21st of Second Seed, 3E, 433 -

The sun was rising and he checked his saddle and the two days of supplies over again. Sung turned to his apprentice Shain "You have the shop until I return. I wish I could tell you where I was going but the person hiring me to do the job wishes to stay anonymous. I will be back you have the list and you know what to practice while I am gone." Sung said with a smile. He climbed onto his horse and pulled his hood over his head. "Try to keep the town safe in my absence," said Sung. Shain bowed some "yes master Sung as you say I will do." He replied.

Sung started to ride out of town. The Inn owns daughter was standing there with a bag in her hand. She held it up "Master Sung, Master Sung" she yells out. He rides over to her "Master Sung some fresh bread for you Master for your trip." she said with a big smile. "Thank you," said Sung taking the bag. She looked up at him looking sad. Sung looked down at her "Don't be sad the little one I will return." He says grinning. She gives a nod yes Master Sung you will." she backs away from the horse. Sung rides off into the morning.

The day was sunny and pleasant. The air is fresh and not too chilly. The road was not too busy Sung saw a patrol of six horsemen. He thought to himself they are a little late now. They eyed him watching him closely as he rode by. They said nothing to him and just kept going hopefully to the small town he just came from. The sun was getting high overhead he pulled out some of that bread and tore off some pieces and eat it. The bread was soft and so good. He pushed through the day trying to reach the Imperial City by nightfall.

Riding into a clearing he could see a small cabin next to the shoreline with a dock and two ferries. The ferry business had not been around long and not too far from the town of Sercen. He rode up to the house a man was sitting on the porch. he gave another puff of his pipe. and stands up from his chair the man was tan from a lot of time in the sun. The man has been working hard his whole life. "welcome Lord, Can I help you?" He asked with a slight bow and a charming smile. Sung looked the man over and the front of the cabin. "I seek passage to the Imperial City" replied Sung in a respectful tone.

"Yes, I can help you with that My lord." The man answered walking slowly up to Sung. Sung got off his horse. "When is the next trip?" Sung asked. The man looked out onto the water then at the sky for a moment. "Soon my lord." The man replied. The man turned towards the house and then looked back at Sung "my lord would you like some tea?" Sung thought and did not answer right away and looked around. "You can stop calling me My lord and call me Master Sung and yes tea would be nice. wait for one moment." Sung reached into his saddlebag and pulled out a small pouch. "Use this tea it is one of the best blends you can have the pouch." said Sung with a smile.

The man took the bag and bowed slightly. "Thank you, Master Sung." The man said. he walked towards the house yelling "Brayla! Come I have a fine tea Make some for your guest and us. A middle-aged woman steps out of the house. she was not bad looking and a little unkept something, not uncommon for being out in the wilderness. The man gave her the tea then he motioned for him to sit at the bench and a small table on the porch.

As the tea was served another family showed and ask about the passage. They talk over price. The man took some money from them and they walk over to the porch. The man walks up to Sung "Master Sung I forgot to tell you it's 5 gold to cross for you and the horse." The man said. Sung pulled out some gold from a pocket handing it to him. "The extra is for you and your family," Sung said to the man. The man did a little bow "Thank you, Master Sung. The man walks off to the ferry "We will leave soon. drink some fine tea and we are departing." the man said

Standing Sung step to the side and motioned with one hand to the bench. "Sit rest, it looks like your family can use it." Sung said cheerfully. They had a mule that could have been overloaded/ they looked like they have been on the road for days. the woman came from the house and gave them some tea. Sung gave a small sigh. "I am to nice" he mumbled as he walked to his horse. the father of the family turned to Sung. "Master thank you you are most generous." He said respectfully. Sung got the bag with the fresh bread in it. He took it over to the family and opened it pulling out the bread and placing it on the bag on the table. "Cilderin Eat your fill, your mother and father can have some too. Keep it." Sung said walking back to his horse.

It was not long before they loaded on to the ferry and on their way to the Imperial city the trip was slow but uneventful. Sung sat quietly and listen to the Family and the ferryman talk. the sun was starting to go down when they arrive at the Imperial city it was good to see the old city. Sung smirked "now the real fun starts" he mumbled to himself.

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