Imperial City, Elven Gardens District

The Imperial city, 21st of Second Seed, 3E, 433 -

Sung rode his horse through the streets they were not too busy it was getting dark. Darkness had fallen just as the ferry arrived. He watched as the men lit the lanterns in the streets. The one thing he did not like about the city was the smell. Nothing the countryside. He had to travel through several districts before arriving in the Imperial City, Elven Gardens District is the northwestern section of the Imperial City. The Gardens are bordered by the Talos Plaza District and the Market District. This district is mostly residential. He thought he turned the corner on the street he was on. He could see the place he was looking for.

The Luther Broad's Boarding House is an inn located in the Elven Gardens District. Sung knew it is run by Luther Broad, who charges a few gold coins for a good room for each night. It has served as a secret base of operations for undercover Blades; certainly, the inn is party to one or more Blades operations like Sung's.

Sung rode up to the place tied off the horse and walked in some looked his way some were just drinking and eating. He paused as he got inside to let his eyes adjust to the light. He carefully looks over the crowd searching for someone. he took a few more steps in seeing who he was looking for. Respen Tyrben was sitting at a small table with some looked to be ale and food in front of him. Sung slipped into the crowd trying not to draw attention to himself. Stealth [26] he became one with the shadows in the crowd as he moved through the people and tables and behind Tyrben. Sung extended one of his wrist knives. and bushed it against Tyrben back to let him know he was there. "Tyrben, you are getting sloppy," said Sung. Tyrben got a smile on his face "and you have got better Sung, Sit with me" he replied. Sung retracted his blade and moved around the table and sat in front of Tyrben. He looked over the stuff on the table Tyrben motioned to the Cheese and bread "Have some" said Tyrben.

Sung broke off some bread and got some cheese. Tyrben signaled a bar wench the young women walk over. "An ale for my friend here." He said she gave a nod and walked off. Tyrben and Sung talk quietly The bar wench came back quickly and gave Sung an ale. For a time they drank and ate the bread and cheese ketching up some. Tyrben looked around then back at Sung. "It is time let's us complete our business. I have a room that we can use." he sat standing "Fallow me" he said. Sung followed him into a hallway and down some stairs there were several more hallways they turned and followed.

Tyrben turned and stopped at a door. He unlocked it and walked in. Sung looked around making sure no one was there be he walk in. The room was a simple one with some trunks and a desk. Tyrben opened a large chest "you can put your stuff in here It will be in safekeeping until you come back." He said confidently. Sung places his stuff in there nicely. At the same time, Tyrben opens another chest with other equipment clothing for the mission. he swapped out everything. and changed his clothing. "Tyrben, I have my horse outside take care of it until I return." Sung requested.

Tyrben smiled "sure" Tyrben answered. Sung looked over to Tyrben as he put the rest of his gear on. "You know what to do if I don't return." He asked. Tyrben smiled I know you will and yes." Tyrben answered. Sung gave him a few gold coins "thank you old friend, I am off don't make contact with me no matter what. I will contact you." Sung instructed. Tyrben Gave a concerned look "I don't like this mission you have no support ever since you joined the blades it seems they keep putting you in worse situations." commented Tyrben. I know this one is special and you know that. I got to go see you around Tyrben." Sung flipped his hood up and walked to the door and open it looking out the hallway was clear he walked out of the room closing the door behind him. He moved to try to leave without being notest. STEALTH[22] He moved through the building no one seem to even notest him being there. He walks onto the street. He walked as normal not drawing any attention to himself.

Sung walked through several districts to get to the tavern and Inn Rusty Sword. He walked in looking around. Tyrben had described him and where he was. Sung spotted him and walked into the tavern. Blake Janquar or the Back Raven was the target he would just have to watch him, for now, to see if he had any others with him. He sat like any customer and got an Ale watching his target.

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