A Knife In The Dark

-Parting Post from Winteroak-

- Inn of Ill Omen, 23rd of Second Seed, 3E, 433 -

Laz looked at the peaceful sleeping figure of Rufio. It had not been nearly as hard as he had imagined to find the man. While traveling to the Inn of Ill Omen on the Green Road between the Imperial City and Bravil, the Redguard had imagined dozens of scenarios, most of which involved him having to storm the Inn, having to kill dozens to get to his target.

Nothing could have been further from reality. That evening riding up to the Inn he had immediately spotted the disguised signs and runes that mark the place where those from the Guild could sell their stolen goods. In the end after endless plans in his mind on what he would do if this or that happened, he had simply been told by the publican that Rufio was renting a room in the basement.

Looking down on the sleeping figure was when Taz realised that the Brotherhood's test was not one of skill but a moral one.

Would he kill a man he knew nothing of? Someone he had never met just to pay his own debt to the Brothewood. Was this the path he wanted to embark on?

Being part of the Thieves Guild had given him a way of life when he left Hammerfell. But this... This was on a different level.

While the thoughts raced through his mind the strange blade Lucien gave him appeared suddenly in his hand as if it by its own volition.

He stood over the man as the small candle on his nightstand slowly burned itself out as the muffled sounds of the Inn above filled the air. Laz felt his knuckles whiten from the pressure of holding the Blade of Woe.

His breathing started to speed up and as the candle flame flickered to nothing and the small room is plunged into darkness as does the virgin blade into the man's chin, thrusting upwards through his mouth and into his brain...

When the light of day washed over Laz again, he was already far away from the scene of his first murder.

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