A Mistake

Cyrodiil > Imperial City Prison
Morndas, 27th of Last Seed
3E 433

He woke up curled in the corner of the dank and chill prison cell. A beam of sunlight pierced the air from a small window out of reach. This was all a mistake. Why couldn’t anyone see it?

For three months Soath Indarys had been ignored and pushed around, always being told to ‘shut up’ or ‘wait your turn’, or ‘that’s what they all say’.

There was never an opportunity to state his case to the higher powers of the city; no justice here.

Instead, through no fault of his own, Soath had been lost in the system, moved from one cell to another without any of his personal property, no rights, no visits from family, friends or guild members. Now he was somewhere in the bowels of the prison to be forgotten. Food was meager and his health was slowly deteriorating.

How in Oblivion had this happened to him? Framed for murder? If only he could get a master mage who knew the powers of truth seeking or telepathy to visit him down here and prove that he was in the wrong place.

The the last few weeks were somewhat of a welcome comfort from his isolation as new arrivals were jailed in the same cell as him. But they were murderers… well… he supposed they could be innocent just like him. At least he would be spared from a lonely indefinite incarceration.

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