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Summary: Marching on ever forwards...

Cage Hawkwind

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: SeeD



Weapon Focus

Buster Sword

Guardian Force


Physical Appearance

A young man with a mane of dusty blonde hair, often found wearing a long, weathered, coat and dark pants.

Personality and interests

An outgoing and friendly individual. Has a keen sense of loyalty to those he deems his friends and will defend them to the death if need be. Many cadets in Galbadia Garden see him as a big brother.

He enjoys listening and writing music, playing his guitar, and training to keep his skills sharp.


One of many orphans from the Second Sorceress War, he was taken in by Galbadian's garden upon its reinstatement. He is often considered rather unremarkable in his overall skills and academic prowess, yet is steadfast in his determination to get the job done.

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Image of Cage Hawkwind
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