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Summary: A brawny, enthusiastic SeeD who loves to tinker and carries a large shoulder-mounted gun, Crush.

Lily Zabac

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: SeeD



Weapon Focus

Guns, artillery

Guardian Force


Physical Appearance

A tall, brawny girl with auburn hair usually in a pony tail and brown eyes with a twinkle.

Personality and interests

Mechanics, guns and the mechanics of guns. Those are the three things that get Lily Zabac's heart pumping. Energetic and enthusiastic to a fault, she is a girl who tends to draw attention with her loud, carrying voice, cracking jokes and laughing cheerfully, whether in the mess hall or charging into battle. Relentlessly optimistic, she is a welcome sight to friends and allies, and with her shoulder-mounted large-caliber gun that resembles a cross between a sniper rifle and a mortar, she strikes fear into the hearts of her enemies.

Her biggest flaw? Subtlety. She is the proverbial large ham in every way and doesn't always know when to rein it in, which has got her into trouble a few times for disrespect or insubordination.


Lily has always looked up to her uncle Ward, the silent giant who became the primary ambassador to Galbadia from Esthar after the battle against Ultimecia. Though she only got to meet him a few times in her youth, her greatest dream has always been to live up to his adventures, and through rigorous training and education she is well on the way to living up to that ideal.

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Image of Lily Zabac
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