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Summary: My students come first.

Irene Vault

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: SeeD



Weapon Focus

bow staff

Guardian Force


Physical Appearance

An attractive young woman with aqua blue hair.

Personality and interests

A strong willed young woman with a warm disposition. She revels in encouraging her students to achieve their full potential.

Irene values knowledge, and collects various books and magazines. Her favorite being Timber Maniacs, which she guards obsessively. She is also very fond of swimming, and collecting cute swimsuits to wear.


Irene was born in Trabia and trained as a SeeD at the rebuilt Trabia Garden before being asked to transfer to Galbadia's reopened garden to take on the role of instructor. She's trained many cadets over the years now and is considered one of the best instructors in Galbadia Garden.

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Image of Irene Vault
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