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Summary: Everything is magical!

Mona Ferronia

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown - Looks 15

Group: SeeD



Weapon Focus

Magical Staff

Guardian Force

Zuzu - Carbuncle

Physical Appearance

A petite and adorable woman with pink hair, blue eyes, and looks to be a literal loli girl. She's always in cute dresses and outfits.

Personality and interests

An outgoing and optimistic individual that is always having fun, but knows when to get serious. She finds great interest in sewing, annoying her "brother", Kayle, and using her magic to create cute shows that cheer up people.


A mysterious girl that showed up at the Galbadian Garden soon after Kayle and almost followed him everywhere. She refuses to reveal the truth about herself to people and just wants to protect Kayle.

Truth is, she's actually Kayle's mother and through an accident with her magic, she lost her husband and found herself young again. She took advantage of this to enjoy life again. Kayle just goes along with it to keep her from scolding him.

Player Notes

A loli magical girl. What more do you want?

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Image of Mona Ferronia
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