Image of Kayle Ferronia (Gender Swapped)

Summary: My hair is natural!

Kayle Ferronia (Gender Swapped)

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: SeeD



Weapon Focus


Guardian Force

Quezacotl (The lightning bird)

Physical Appearance

An average height teen with pale pink hair and dark blue eyes. She has fair skin and often wears whatever is most comfortable so long as she gets to wear his black combat boots.

Everything is, sadly, too big at the moment.

Personality and interests

A surprisingly friendly individual that is outgoing. She always wants to help anyone in need and that's how she often finds herself in more trouble than not.

Her interests mostly include training with her Gunblade and keeping it in good shape.


As a boy she was trained to be disciplined and follow orders, but the moment she entered the Galbadian Garden, she got to spread her metaphorical wings and did things her own way. She quickly got labeled "pinky" due to her odd hair color that no one believes is natural.

After some adventures, she was turned into a girl by Mona for kicks.

Player Notes

She has a pink chocobo named Pinky.

Is secretly in love with Cage and Crystal.

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Image of Kayle Ferronia (Gender Swapped)
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