All Sorts Of Sexual Tension Up In Here

Squall admittedly was distracted by Mona's display as she winked and then walked away. He had to snap out of the fugue and focus on getting to higher ground and away from the lightning attack Kayle's GF unleashed. The mech was soon a smoldering ruin and at Lily's comment, he found himself somewhat morose as he shook his head. "I'm afraid not... They managed to get away with the artifact..." Squall looked to the cadets and nodded as Instructor Vault appeared in a new airship with a contingent of SeeD operators. "Good work, cadets. Return to your garden. You'll be given your grades once your instructors have calculated them." He looked to Mona as he passed her on the walkway and returned her wink. "I hope to see you again, Miss Ferronia." If only she knew just how much he meant that.

Cage shouldered his sword and looked to Kayle. "Uhm... Is it just me, Kayle, or is the Headmaster hitting on your little sister?" The look on Cage's face betrayed the sense of worry and disgust at the thought. He had seen the little, pink haired, witch giving Squall goo-goo eyes the moment he arrived, but to see a seasoned man like Squall return the affections was... unexpected.

He looked to Kayle after staring at the exchange between Mona and Squall and put his hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled at Zaphra. "Good work, you two. You really kicked ass." Then to Crystal and Lily "Nice cover, there you two. Though, Lily, I'd really like it if you checked your targets next time. I don't want to get singed by boiling water." He chuckled as he offered Kayle another healing potion to help with his burns. "Don't worry, bud. I've got your back." Then he hopped onto the airship and landed next to Instructor Vault, noting how soaking wet she was with a smirk. "Nice look, Ms. Vault."

This elicited a blush from the instructor who tried to pull the clingy fabric from her skin and rolled her eyes. "Just get aboard, everyone. We'll be headed back to Galbadia. Rest and heal. You have a long night ahead of you all..."

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