Oh, She Knows...

Kayle just shrugged at Cage's words. He never did care much what Mona did so long as she didn't get herself killed. It was her business what she did with the headmaster and if she found herself pregnant with a sibling one day...

Well, the pink haired young man really did not want to think about that. He just hoped his mother would work her magic to keep from letting anything happen that should not. Instead of answering, he simply took the potion and followed his friend aboard the ship, not even bothered by the exchange with Vault.

His mind was else ware and even Zaphra felt concerned for him. This boy may have found her, but he was her hatchling and she would protect him. For now, though, she went back into her silent slumber and awaited his call.

Mona, though, gave Squall a little wave and a nod. Oh, she would be seeing him soon enough, but for now they needed to get out of here.

So, upon getting onboard, Mona assessed her soaked dress with a sigh. "It'll take forever to air dry..." She muttered, looking to Zuzu. "We are so working on a better reflect spell just to keep elements off, especially water."

The little creature nodded, his eyes turning to Midnight and Crystal. With a little salute to them, he disappeared into the girl's pink hair.

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