Graduation And A Party

Upon returning to Galbadia Garden, the cadets were ordered to meet in the main lecture hall. From there, Headmaster Bennet met them on the podium and called out each cadet who had passed the field exam.

"Kayle Ferronia." When Kayle approached the Headmaster would lean in and whipser: "Finally, a gunblade specialist!"

"Cage Hawkwind." When Cage went to the podium the Headmaster leaned in and said: "Trust your instincts and defend those you care for."

"Crystal!" When Crystal approached the headmaster would whipser: "Trust yourself, and know your inner strength."

Then the headmaster looked to the rest of the cadets who had participated in the exam and shrugged. "Those are all who passed the exam this week." The failing members stamped their feet and snapped their fingers in a "oh well better luck next time" gesture before leaving. However, Headmaster Bennet did pull Lily aside. "I would like you to see me in my office, Ms. Zabac... We need to discuss your conduct in the field exam..."

"The rest of you, feel free to rest up before the graduation ceremony." Vault announced.

Cage was quick to seek out Kayle and Crystal, whooping as he pulled them into a big burly hug. "Haha! SeeD! Look at us! Bona fide SeeD!" What're you guys gonna do before the party?


Squall had watched the graduates before frowning in deep thought. What had happened in Esthar had him worried. He needed to get to the bottom of the issue... But at the moment he was exhausted and in need of rest... It was then that he decided to retreat to the quarters he'd been given at the garden... Heading down the hallway and no doubt going to run into someone given how slow he was moving...

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