Mona was about to answer Squall when Crystal bumped into him. She leaned to the side and looked to the pretty blond. "You okay?" She inquired with obvious worry over the new SeeD.

But then Crystal asked her question. "Oh, I avoid parties." She said with a slight wave. "If I'm correct there isn't exactly a dress code, so you're welcome to wear a dress, I'm sure."

With a shrug, the pink haired girl gave Squall a quick wink.


After his visit to medical, Kayle went to his room and changed into something a big more comfortable. He looked over the information the doctor had given him a few more times before shoving it aside and heading out toward the party.

He was going to be fine, but there was some damage done and he would have to be careful. That was not going to stop him from being a good gunblade user or a good SeeD.

"Everything is gonna be fine..." He muttered.

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