Morning After

Cage continued to dance the night away before retreating to his dormitory. In the morning he was summoned by Instructor Vault to the front entrance of the Garden, as were Kayle, Crystal, and Lily.

"Welcome SeeD," Irene said as she looked to the newly inducted SeeD and the probationary student. "Your first mission will take you to Deling City. We have been asked by the New G Government to address G Remnant terrorists operating within the city. We have intel reporting that they intent to bomb the presidential estate. We need you to find and stop these terrorists." Irene looked to the SeeD. "Any questions?"


Squall held the little pink-haired woman until he fell asleep. In the morning he got dressed and kissed her cheek as she slumbered. He had to go and start looking into this issue with the crystal. He left a note for her saying that and how much he cared for her. And that if she was able to convince him, he'd love to train Kayle in gunblade combat.

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