Little Mother

Cage frowned and shrugged as Kayle flipped his mom-sister-whatever the bird. Cage was still struggling with that. For the longest time he had seen Mona as Kayle's cute little sister. To find out she was twice his age and an adept spellcaster confused him. He wasn't sure how to process it, and the fact that the Balamb Garden Headmaster was sleeping with her only... made things worse.

He decided to ignore it and looked to Crystal. "You ready to get out of here?"

Irene, meanwhile, smirked at the playful kiss from Mona and looked to Kayle. "Oh, dear, don't treat your mother that way. She just wants the best for you."

Soon Irene was shepherding the new SeeDs to the train station and on the train to Deling city.

Cage smirked and took a seat in the private quarters that had been granted them thanks to being SeeD.

"Glad I don't have to stow my sword in the cargo train." Cage grinned, adjusting the sword so he could sit. "I will say, Kayle, your gunblade has its benefits, you can fit through most doors with it."

Then he looked to Crystal. "Where is your bow and arrow, kiddo?"

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