The Magic Of A Forest...Or Mom?

(In a far off future after they've all had some fun, run through some strange adventures, lost a lot of money, and possibly run into Mona a few too many times, they all end up in a magical forest. There is also a pink chocobo watching over them because Kayle finally got one!)

Kayle groaned as he blinked his blue eyes open, feeling the soft bend of a beak press against his face. "Pinky..." He murmured, not yet registering how feminine his voice sounded. Reaching up with a hand, the pink haired teen gently brushed fingers through pink feathers and sat up. "What happened?"

"We have fallen into a forest, my hatchling." Zaphra answered as she floated next to her mortal child. She had chosen to stay out and stayed shrunk to the size of a small sprite, her eyeless head aimed at the boy. "You have also changed. Your mother has done something..."

"What do you mean?" Kayle inquired as he noted his friends all lying around. Crystal was against a tree, coated in an ice shield put up by Midnight. The cat-like GF was watching the pinkette with curiosity. Why was he doing that?

"Has you not noticed your clothes?" Zaphra persistered as Kayle's eyes fell to Cage. He seemed fine aside from being unconscious and having Fenrir loom over him protectively. Luly, however, was nowhere to be seen. The same was said about their instructor and his mother, Mona.

What was going on?

"Zaphra, we gotta wake them up." Kayle insisted before taking note of just how feminine his voice was. Blinking, he looked to his chocobo, Pinky with confusion. "You hear that, right? My's..."

With fear building up, he grabbed the waistband of his loose pants and pulled it away from his hips.

A scream was soon heard.


Mona was back in her little home, having invited Squall over for a chat about some important information she had collected. They had somehow moved things to her bedroom and even in the act of making love, she could hear the screams of her son in her head.

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