Oh My....

Cage shot up the moment he heard Kayle scream, or rather what he initially assumed was Crystal. Drawing his buster sword and looked around for signs of danger and the distressed girl but found Crystal asleep and a girl he assumed was Mona standing in the forest.

"What's wrong???" He asked her. "Mona?" Then he noted how this girl wasn't actually Mona. She looked different... almost... "Wait... Kayle???"


Squall knew when Mona invited him to her place that it was never just business. And he was glad for that. After the madness with the New G threat he was relieved to get some much needed time alone with his beloved little, pink haired, loli witch.

As he made love to her he noted the sly grin curling the corner of her lips and wondered what she was thinking about. No doubt some twisted, chaotic, prank she pulled on her hapless son.

While Squall did love Mona dearly, he did feel bad for Kayle.

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