Teasing and Worry

Once the scream was out of her system, Kayle jerked around in time to see Cage looking at her. With his sword drawn and ready to strike, this man only reminded the teen of how handsome she found him. The fact he never wore a damn shirt made things only worse for the pinkette over the years.

Grimacing, she tugged the pants up and started fixing the belt so they would stop falling. If not for her swift movements, she would have been showing Cage her new, more feminine body parts. "Yes, it's me, dumbass!" She hissed and buttoned up the shirt she had been wearing as a boy. Too big for her petite and feminine form, it was practically trying to cause her breasts to flash the now awake male.

Zaphra let out a soft chuckle. "Now you can express those feelings without concern, my hatching!" She explained with the flap of her wings. Pinky tilted his head and chirped before snapping his beak, trying to get Cage to help him understand what was going on. The pink haired individual smelled of Kayle, but smelled too...feminine. The poor bird did not understand...

"My mom did this...I just know she did this!!!" Kayle finally yelled in anger, ignoring Zaphra.

The lightning wielding GF chuckled again as she flew over to Cage. "She can now enjoy that powerful muscle between your strong legs, mortal. My hatchling has so craved it for years..." She explained.

"ZAPHRA!" Kayle yelled.

With a whistle, the GF disappeared.


After their lovemaking, Mona sat naked in bed and was writing down notes from their conversation earlier. Sharing information with Squall was always helpful for both of them. It helped that they were in love and trusts one another, but keeping notes always helped.

Besides, she wanted to do everything she could to help him. They had to stop a nightmare that would soon be coming for them. At least she suspected it would. Rinoa may have left, but it was obvious she would be coming back.

Looking to Squall's sleeping form, she silently worried about what would soon be happening.

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