Desire and Deling City

Cage just looked at where Zaphra disappeared before looking to Kayle. His features softened as he looked at her. "Is it true? You've had a thing for me?" He looked to his friend, now a gorgeous woman, but then Cage had always thought Kayle had been good looking. Heck, he admitted to himself that he had a passing interest in Kayle, but figured he didn't swing that way. Yet now he wanted to know, he hoped Zaphra was telling the truth.

Please... let him feel the same way...


"Headmaster Squall?" The communicator came alive and jolted the gunblade master awake. He found Mona writing down some notes, her naked form already inspiring lurid thoughts in his mind. However his hand reached for the communicator.

"What is it?" He asked.

"We have reports of something strange happening in Deling City... Sir... They say it's Hyne..."

Squall's eyes darted to Mona with concern. "Gather your stuff, love. We're going to Deling City..."

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