Admitting It Without Admitting It

Kayle was busy pacing, swinging her gunblade back and forth in a display of anxiety. She had never wanted to slap her mother so hard before.

"Is it true? You've had a thing for me?"

Stopping in her tracks, the pinkette swiveled around to stare at Cage. "What?" She asked out of instinct, a sudden familiar fear biting at the back of her mind. Had he really just asked that? Zaphra had been joking around, but the GF was telling the truth. How could she admit these emotions so easily? Did Cage really...?

"D...does it matter right now?" Kayle blurted as her cheeked heated up with embarrassment. "I mean, yeah, I've...I wasn't lying." It was the easiest way to admit her feelings without actually saying it. She was so used to being the tough and strong one.

Going over to Pinky, she gently pet the chocobo. "I can't believe my mom did this..."


Mona gave a little pout but did not complain as she slipped from the bed and grabbed up her clothing. She did, however, make a small show of it just to keep the brunette's attention for a little while. "We can be there in a quick flash if I use my magic, handsome." She called over her shoulder to him.

Zuzu popped out from under a table and gave a happy chirp as if saying "do it!"

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