An Old Flame

"D...does it matter right now?" Kayle blurted as her cheeked heated up with embarrassment. "I mean, yeah, I've...I wasn't lying." It was the easiest way to admit her feelings without actually saying it. She was so used to being the tough and strong one.

Going over to Pinky, she gently pet the chocobo. "I can't believe my mom did this..."

Cage felt his heart skip a beat. Kayle did have feelings for him? He was feeling over the moon. However, given how he, or rather she, was currently reeling from her latest... change... Cage wasn't going to complicate it further with his own desires.

"Hey, look." He said as he went over to Pinky and pet the pink chocobo. "I can only imagine how you feel. All of this is crazy stuff happening. And then your mom just flies in and does." He gestured to her. "But that doesn't change the fact we're squadmates. I've got your back. No matter what."


Squall nodded. "Yes, let's go." The moment Mona teleported them to Deling City they were met with a chaotic scene as people fled away from the combat that was taking place. Soldiers were attempting to hold their positions as G Soldiers kept advancing. And worse yet, there was signs of heavy magic use.

"Come on," Squall said, drawing his gunblade before rushing off towards the heart of the battle.

They reached the main square where a number of armored carriers were smoldering wrecks. A stillness encroached on the chaos that threatened to choke them as they glanced around at the carnage before them.

"What happened here?" Squall asked.

"I did..." Came a familiar voice.

Rinoa stepped seemingly out of thin air. Adorned in a dress with a plunging neckline that went almost all the way down to her pelvis and tall leather boots. Her eyes were and eerie gold color. And in spite of seeing his old flame, Squall took a defensive stance. Something was off about her.

"Rinoa? It's been a long time..." Squall muttered.

Rinoa lowered her gaze onto Mona. "I see you've been keeping interesting company..."

"What are you doing here, Rinoa? What happened here?" Squall asked.

"Fulfilling my destiny. After years of searching for answers I found them. I found Him."

Squall chuffed. "You mean Hyne?"

"The Great Hyne... The creator. And he's bestowed on me great purpose... I know who I am now, Squall. I am The Sorceress Supreme and you all will bow before Him and his majesty... or die..."

Squall looked pained. "Rinoa... no..."

"Is that sadness I hear?" Rinoa asked. "Sadness for your ex? Perhaps you still yearn for me? My touch... You can have me, Squall... Just swear loyalty to me and become my knight..."

Squall looked at his gunblade then to Mona, and immediately just seeing her face, those eyes he'd stared into many a night after hours of passionate lovemaking...

"...Never." Squall uttered before shifting his stance and preparing for battle...

Rinoa sighed. "A shame... now die!" She raised her hand and summoned a mass of ice which shaped themselves into spears and hurled them at Squall and Mona.


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