An Old Flame (Part 2)

Pinky chirped again and nuzzled into Cage's petting as he resisted the urge to hop up and down. Not caring about gender or differences, the chocobo was just happy the two warriors were getting along.

"This is going to take a lot of getting used to, Cage," Kayle murmured and looked around, suddenly realizing Crystal was nowhere to be found. "Where did Crystal go?!"


Mona was quick, letting Zuzu create a protective shield with reflect to bounce the ice back at Rinoa. Getting close to Squall, staff appearing in hand, the pinkette glared up at their assailant with disdain. "No one harms him, you hear me?" She seethed in a threatening tone toward the sorceress.

Magic seemed to spill off Mona in a deeply threatening manner, a reminder that she was far more than some cute little pink haired loli. Beneath all the cute ribbons and dresses was a dangerous woman, a sorceress no one wanted to anger. They knew what the consequences would be.

And Rinoa just had to anger her by attacking.

"Why are you doing this? What does this Hyne want?" She asked, adding her own abilities to the reflect spell. It was always difficult to make the loophole where she could still heal herself and her companions while keeping upa reflect spell, but somehow she did it.

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