New Mission

Cage looked around, surprised to find that Crystal was nowhere to be found. "I thought she was with us." Looking around and calling for her proved a fruitless enterprise. He looked to Kayle and frowned. "We should try to find her."


Rinoa laughed, a maniacal laugh that seemed to echo through the very air. She regarded Mona with a crazed gaze. "Your magic is impressive, but it defies Hyne. The source of life and magic. Hyne has returned to retake his world. And like the ilk that's clung to it for too long, you will be eradicated." She floated above the ground and summoned an eerie green energy which began to advance on Mona. The energy was crackling and ominous.

Then Squall appeared, having dashed behind Rinoa he brought his gunblade down on his former lover only to clash with an unseen shield. Rinoa turned and sneered at him before slashing at him with translucent blades. Squall quickly deflected these attacks and dashed away.

"Why Rinoa? Why are you doing this?"

Rinoa tilted her head. "Hyne is the father of all sorceresses... my power is his power..."

Squall grimaced. "You can't let that control you!"

"There is no control! I gave myself willingly to Hyne and he embraced me with open arms. He can do the same to you, Squall. Simply submit!"

"Never." Squall said lowly before dashing at Rinoa again, hoping that Mona would back him up with some magical support.

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