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Summary: Captain out of time

Nathan Crowe

Gender: Male

Age: 43 (118)

Group: Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin



Skilled at Engineering

Physical Appearance

Tall with short, brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality and Interests

Crowe is considered a relic as he comes from an older period in Starfleet's history. His command style is vastly different than modern starfleet captains yet he maintains the spirit every captain should embody. He is passionate about exploration and while he is now a fish out of temporal water following his being thrown 75 years into the future he is still eager to explore space.


Crowe was always eager to explore new frontiers in Starfleet from the moment he graduated from the academy. He quickly worked his way up the ranks from being an engineer to captain. He had captained two ships before being given command of the Pathfinder where his ship was engulfed in an anomaly which threatened to destroy the ship.

Crowe ordered all of his crew to abandon ship while he worked to keep their escape route clear as the anomaly threatened to swallow the ship. An act that saved his crew but hurled him across the galaxy and time itself. When he woke up he found himself trapped inside the anomaly along with a strange ship which turned out to be a Federation starship from the future.

With their help Crowe was able to get the Pathfinder free and save the crew of the Grisham. From there he was briefed that he was now 75 years in the future and considered KIA by Starfleet. After some time to get a handle on his new situation Crowe opted to stay on DS 31 and captain the retrofitted Pathfinder.


Phaser - Crowe is a crack shot with his phaser though he had one repilicated to resemble a model from his time as he finds the new phasers used by today's personnel to be unwieldly "boxes with buttons."

Tricorder - Crowe is often fiddling on his tricorder, usually adding to his personal log notes about things he's missed out in the last 75 years.


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Image of Nathan Crowe
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