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Summary: If the engine dies, we die, so get the part for me!

Venthi Crass

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Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin




Mechanical Genius

Physical Appearance

Fair skinned and standing at five feet tall, he has straight dark brown hair that is layered to shoulders and often hides his right eye. His eyes are pale ice blue and he has the signature pointed ears associated with his race.

Most of his wardrobe consists of what is required, but when he's working on the engine, he often wears whatever is comfortable.

Personality and Interests

Often considered emotionless and logical, the young man finds little interest in anything that is not associated with engines or one of his inventions. He does take on little challenges his crewmates/colleagues offer him just to see if he can find a solution to the problem for them. It has helped him grow close to others.


Born on Vulcan and raised there until his parents died in an accident. He was soon sent off to the academy by the people who took him in due to his genius in mechanics. By the time he was sixteen, he was already an engineer for his first ship.

When he was eighteen he got assigned Grisham and found himself in the chaos that ensued. Now upon the Pathfinder, he does everything he can to keep the engine going, despite all the distraction everyone causes him...



Home Built Mechanical Wings

Engineering tools


He hates when he can't get parts for the engine.

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Image of Venthi Crass
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