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Gender: femail

Age: 24

Group: Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin

Species: Human/avian

Planit of Origin; assumed to be earth


Ensign Security

Physical Appearance

Weight: 100

Height: 5’6

Skin: white

Hair: blond

Eyes: sky blue

Distinguishing features: Luna has a pair if bird like wings extending from her back.

Personality and Interests

Ensign Luna has suffered a great deal of trauma in her life leading to her struggling to trust her fellow crew members. She can appear to be vary cold and stand offish to those outside her trusted friend group. Even though she dose not trust easily she dose care about and wish to protect every one of her ship mates. She is also an extremely over protective parent. She has gone to great lanths to keep cerenity safe. This has led to some problems between the two.


Spouse: Loki (Missing)

Mother: unknown

Father: unknown

Siblings: None

Children: Cerenity

Languages: English

Service Record:

Accepted into star fleet academy at age 17,

After graduating she was assigned to the Viking


Luna was a lab rat for section 31 who turned her into this bird/ human hybrid. She eventually escaped from them and was rescued by a Star fleet security officer at like 14 I think. She started applying for Star fleet between the age of 16-18 to be a security officer. She was assigned to the Viking so section 31 could recapture her. Witch they did she was kidnapped from the Vikings bridge then rescued by her fellow crow members on the Viking. About 9 months or so late her daughter Cerenity was born child’s father was Ensign Loki who later disappeared written off as a casualty of the anomaly’s of the Viking. after that she was posted abord the Pathfinder.


Pet owl, slandered issue phaser.


had a three year old child.

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Image of Luna
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