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Gender: femail

Age: 3

Group: Non-Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin

Born in the Viking. She is a Human/aviation



Physical Appearance

Weight: 70 pounds

Height: 4 feet

Skin: white

Hair: blond

Eyes: dark blue

Distinguishing features: Cerenity has a pair if bird like wings extending from her back.

Personality and Interests


Cerenity is an incredibly bright inquisitive an out going child. She dose have a since that she is not like other children in her age group sometimes leading her to feel isolated. She drawn to science and interested in understanding how the ship runs.



Spouse: None

Mother: Ensign Luna

Father: Ensign Loki (MIA)

Siblings: None

Children: None

Languages: English, a few phrases of Klingon that she picked up from lisoning the CMO

Service Record: None Cerenity is a civilian.


Cerenity was born on the Viking about a year after Ensign Luna was stationed there. Cerenity was able to fly short distances at about 6 month of age and was speaking by a year or age. At age 2 she stated to become more adventures and outgoing. Cerenity is currently 3 years of age she has an impressive vocabulary can hold conversations an asks lots of questions.


Cerenity has the same hollow bon structure her mother has witch is very fragile and can be difficult to treat. Cerenity broke her left wing about a week after her third birthday. She was flying throw on of the corridors and clipped her wing on a door way. Other then that cerenity is a healthy Child.


A favored toy and a gold pressed Latium bracelet


in ensigns Luna daughter

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