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Summary: A man in search of a purpose.

Jin'Lor Venneroe

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown - Looks 30

Group: Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin




Ensign Scientist
Knife Expert

Physical Appearance

Average height man with fair skin, brown hair always tied back in a ponytail, and blue eyes. His teeth and nails are abnormally sharp and he has a scar around his neck as well as one following his spine.

He's always in shades of blue, dark boots, and his old white scientist coat that he just can't seem to throw away.

Personality and Interests

A fairly cold individual that is very focused on his work and known for keeping to himself while watching after Jeane, his adopted son. Due to the many years he has lived, he refuses to experiment on anything/anyone alive. The most he will do is collect blood samples from people/animals.

His interests include knives, a good book to read (including his own notes), his science, and keeping Jeane out of trouble.


After many years of hardship under his father's care, he escaped and went on a long journey that caused him to lose more than gain. Through experimentation that involved many mistakes, he essentially became an immortal and is still in search for a new purpose.

As of right now, he is upon the Pathfinder, doing his best to keep Jeane out of trouble while trying his best to seem nonthreatening to the people around him.


Six Custom Knives
Medical Tools


He has a huge crush on Luna, but won't admit it.

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Image of Jin'Lor Venneroe
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