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Summary: The Pathfinder's Surly Doctor

Elden Gen

Gender: Male

Age: 34 (123 Symbiont's Age)

Group: Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin



Medical Doctor

Physical Appearance

Has the body of a younger Trill male but the mind of an old, cantankerous, yet still caring (even if he won't admit it) symbiont.

Personality and Interests

A surly doctor with a bad bedside manner but a determination to make sure those under his care are healed and treated as effectively and quickly as possible.


Elden was a young Trill assigned to the Saratoga when it was attacked by Dominion forces. There was another, bonded Trill, who suffered fatal injuries and Elden was forced to bond with the Gen symbiont. From then on out Elden Gen was the Starfleet Doctor you didn't want for his bedside manner but did want for


Off-button hypospray - Gen is notorious for knocking out annoying patients with his hypospray. He once knocked out a Klingon patient, and said patient's rather angry family, with two hyposprays in each hand.

"Medical" phaser - For those pesky diseases that require a more radical form of treatment. Also works when a patient isn't in range of the off-button hypospray.



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Image of Elden Gen
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