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Summary: Necessity Is The Mother of Invention


Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: Non-Starfleet Personnel

Race/Planet of Origin

Unknown Origin


No rank
Skilled engineer and survivor
Fluent in numerous languages and is remarkably capable of learning new ones quickly.

Physical Appearance

A wiry young man with blonde hair.

Personality and Interests

Gil is a curious young man, always pulling things apart to see how they work and just as capable of putting them back together. He's socially inept, however due to his isolation and the fact the woman who raised him was a giant bug.

He has a tendency to be a kleptomaniac due to his time as a scavenger, looking for things that could potentially help him survive.

I really likes eggs.


Who Gil's parents are and where he was born is a complete mystery. The first thing he remembers is being a child slave for a monstrous race of aliens. It was there he developed a knowledge of fixing machines and learning languages fast.

When he grew too big to fit in the maintenance tubes of his masters' ship, he was dropped onto one of their game worlds to be hunted for sport. Gil was saved by his "Mother," a large insectoid creature who kept him safe and taught him how to survive. He grew fond of Mother and the two worked together to survive on the game world for many years until Mother died saving Gil from a hunting party.

Now he lives alone on the planet, however a chance encounter with some starfleet members may just change that...


Tool belt full of various gadgets and tools.
Has a cobbled together tricorder with personal touches of his own.
Has an old phaser he's rebuilt several times



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Image of Gil
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