Flight and Assessment

Gil was utterly surprised by all the blood that covered Jin'Lor. Had he actually managed to go toe-to-toe with Talan and not only survive but eviscerate him?

"You won't have to worry about them again, kid." He muttered in a far too calm voice. All six knives were back in place at his belt and a cigarette was pressed between his lips.

He had. Gil couldn't believe it, but Jin'Lor had killed the terror of this entire world. Killed one of their commanders. The Grell would be interested in him now.

"Can we get off the planet now?" Jin'Lor asked.

Gil nodded. "I have the antimatter primed. Everything's ready. We just need to get ready for takeoff." Gil looked to Luna and Gen. "Might want to get him secured before we leave."

Gen frowned and raised his hand to stop Luna before she could even try to go to help him. "Don't you dare, I'll secure myself, thank you very much! He hobbled his way over to one of the seats in the shuttle and sat down, ensure the intertial dampeners were engaged before nodding. "Ready to go, wunderkind."

Gil frowned at the comment but shook his head as he went to the shuttle controls. "Everyone hold on. This isn't going to be a smooth ride..."


Crowe was still dealing with the unruly children on his bridge when one of the consoles began to beep.

"Captain? I have a small craft on an intercept course." Said the helmsman.

"On screen." Crowe ordered. The ship that they saw looked like a haphazardly put-together piece of junk. "Can we hail them?"

The helmsman was about to when another beep issued from her console. "Sir, the Grell ship is arming weapons and locking onto the ship."

Crowe grimaced. "Can we beam the occupants on board?"

"They have no shields."

Crowe nodded. "Do it, then get us the hell out of here."

The helmsman nodded and made it so. Soon, just as the Grell fired on the shuttle, Jin, Luna, Gen, and Gil were safely beamed aboard before the Pathfinder went to warp.


Captain's Log - Supplemental

After recovering the away team and their unlikely benefactor we have returned to DS-31 for resupply and medical attention as we try to assess the Grell threat in the Delta Quadrant.

Gil was looking uneasy in a set of clothes that seemed too clean and tidy for the young man. He was holding onto his makeshift tricorder like it was a lifeline. His eyes darting every which way as he looked to the Pathfinder crew.

"The Grell utilize subspace tether outposts they call 'farcasters' to travel faster than light." Gil explained. "From these they can travel across most of the galaxy. They don't even operate in the Delta Quadrant. They just have worlds there."

Crowe nodded. "And you say there's nothing we can do about negotiating some sort of truce with them?"

Gil shook his head. "The Grell see all other life as nothing but sport. They believe themselves to be the perfect life form. And everything else is meant for their own enjoyment be it by killing or... other things..." Gil looked rather uncomfortable as he said those last words, a horrified look washing over his face for a moment. "Can I go now? This place is too... closed off... and..." He wanted to say there were too many people looking at him but he was trying not to look like a complete whack job.

Crowe sighed. "You can go, Gil." The boy nodded and left as fast as his wiry legs could carry him. Once he was gone Crowe looked to the others and sighed. "What do you think we should do with him?"

Gen was nursing a glass of something or other in his hand. "He's quite the technical wiz... he built that shuttle from debris. And he knows the Grell. He could be an asset here."

Crowe looked to Jin next. "What about you? You were with him. What's your take on the kid?"

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