Grumpy Engineer and A Curious Teen

After getting cleaned up and dressed in a clean pair of his usual black pants and a shirt, Jin'Lor was there to listen to the conversation. He did not enjoy the sight of horror on Gil's face and a part of him wanted to comfort the boy much like he did when Jeane often had his panic attacks.

Deciding not to, he watched the boy run out and turned his attention back to Crowe. "He seems smart and capable enough." The geneticist commented as he crossed his arms. "I'll keep an eye on him if need be. Luna has enough on her plate with Cerenity."

Venthi merely grunted, uncomfortable being away from the engine and his weaponry.


When Gil rushed out of the room he would smack right into Jeane, causing the winged teenager to fall. Sitting on the floor, wings twitching, the silver haired young man looked to Gil with both curiosity and fear. "Are you okay?" He asked in his soft voice.

Jeane was also wondering where Cerenity had run off to.

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