No Promises

Jin'Lor nodded and grimaced. A part of him simply wanted to enter every one of the Grell ships and kill them. He still needed to speak with Gil about what had happened, why he had looked so afraid. Of course, a part of him already knew the pain that boy must have suffered.

It enraged the immortal man.

Venthi let out a sigh as he pushed back his hair. "I'll talk to the kid about it and see what we can do, but I can't make any promises until we start working on it, sir." He explained calmly. "I mean, I was able to shut down their shields with a good blast, but that can't work on multiple ships coming at us all at once."


Jeane let his wings press firmly to his back, a sheepish expression on his young face. "I'm...uh...half Valkyrie. No, I'm not related to Miss Luna or Cerenity, her daughter. I was taken care of a very bad man until dad saved me. Do you want me to show you to your room? Dad mentioned letting you stay with us until you're used to the place." He explained before realizing he was rambling and shutting his mouth. "Sorry..."

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