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Summary: Stick to the shadows, it's safer that way.

Adam Prince

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Gender: M

Age: 24

Group: Freelance




Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

Bruce Wayne (Batman)


Adam was born into a very powerful position, being the son of not only two of the most famous heroes of the Justice League, but also being born a Wayne. Years went by before Adam showed any signs of his mother's powers. He never got anywhere near to her strength, but he was still a formidable child to try and calm down. At the age of 13, Bruce saw it fit to train his son out in the field as his new Robin.

For around a year and a half, things went well. As well as they can go when your dad is Batman. That was before Luthor came. Luthor attacked so precisely it was difficult to counteract. First it was Central City to fall under his rule, Flash was the first to perish. Then came Gotham. Nearly every member of the Justice League and their known associates had to be called in after Doomsday came. This, however, was still a loss.

Then came the final battle. The Battle for Metropolis. This is where the remainder of the heroes died. Those that survived were too scared to go up against Luthor, so they went into hiding. Adam watched as his mother and father died, fighting side by side.

Years went by, Adam changed his last name to his mother's to avoid the obvious suspicion being a Wayne would give. Adam's powers grew, and he started to fight back. Nothing crazy at first. A warehouse here, couple of guards there, etc. For he last four years, Adam has started to gain a fanbase. A following. A resistance.


Adam is very cold, not used to working with others. As a result of this, he's not a good choice to lead anything let alone have a partner.


- Training in stealth
- Hand-to-hand combat experience

- Flight
- Enhanced strength, speed, and endurance

Physical Appearance

Fair skin with jet black shaggy hair that almost cover his piercing blue eyes. He's usually in a black jacket, jeans, and combat boots. The only difference when he wears his "superhero" costume is that he wears a Batman cowl with the ears cut off.

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Image of Adam Prince
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