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Summary: Who will I be?

Ronin Hutchinson

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Freelance


British (but raised in USA)


His father was Beryl Hutchinson and his mother was the daughter of Springheeled Jack - the villain who killed the original Knight, Percival Sheldrake.


Seeking retribution on Springheeled Jack, Beryl Hutchinson found an elderly man and no one assuming the villains mantle. Who he did meet was the aged villain's daughter and the two fell in love and had a son, Ronin.

During the events transpiring 10 years ago, the villain Manchester Black leveled Sheldrake Castle, Beryl was killed, and Ronin's mother - Olivia (no surname) - moved them to America. Ronin was a teen when Lex Luthor took over and the last ten years have left him jaded and opting to be more of a freelancer. His hero and villain heritage has left him teetering on the edge of good/evil. His mother saw her husband as weak, having been unable to stop Manchester Black (even though the match was almost pointless as Black was much more powerful).

Olivia died a few months ago and Ronin has been taking jobs as they come.


Can be very friendly but avoids talking about who he actually is - namely his lineage. He's trying to make his own way and his own name and figure out which side he will ultimately join.


He is an even better swordsman than his father was but in the fight with Manchester Black the special armor and motorcycle was destroyed. The only piece he still has is the helmet, which he's repainted black with blue streaks on it making it look nothing like his father's armor. He has the plans for the motorcycle and would love to rebuild it, but has no means to do so.

He's only begun to realize he has Cryokinesis - "ice generation" - and even as he begins to use it, it's much less powerful than his grandfather had or the abilities of others with the power. Namely, he's able to generate an ice sword and ice shield - both of which are incredibly sturdy and he can regenerate them quickly if destroyed. This allows him to get through security check points and not have to use a traditional sword - which he sometimes prefers.

His ice generation skills will be ultimately be limited to things he can make in his hands or can touch - never shoot blasts of ice. He's been experimenting recently with making ice daggers which he then throws and when they melt no one has any ideas what weapon was used.

Physical Appearance

Think Charlie Hunnam

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Image of Ronin Hutchinson
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