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Summary: Although of unassuming size his gear is certainly enough to compensate for that.

Flynt Wilson

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Freelance


United states of America


Slade Wilson and Jane Doe (unknown)


Trained by Slade till the day of his death, Flynt has been trained to idolize and praise his father and the title Deathstroke. Rather than makeing up a new name for his prodigy Slade wanted the name Deathstroke to instill fear to those who hear it so he gave the title to his son. And Flynt has done exactly what his fathers wanted, he has kept the name Deathstroke steep in fear and alsways considered if someone needs to hire a merc.


Unlike his father Flynt isn't an angry narcissist, although a bit cold he is rather friendly to people he is working with. However like his father he loves trying his hardest to keep a larger than life image to scare any target that might here there on his list. He is extremely proud to call himself Deathstroke and is methodicall with every thing he dose.


Weapons expert and pyrotechnic
Basic hand to hand combat
Good tactician
Increase to speed strength and reflexss, with a health factor.

Physical Appearance

5'11 moderately muscular
Short dark brown hair and eyes
Covered in combat armor and wears his fathers mask.

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Image of Flynt Wilson
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