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Summary: It's 'prince' Zod whether you like it or not!

Vincent Zod-al Ghul

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Villains




General (King) Zod and Talia al Ghul


Having met once and only once, the two megalomaniacs became lovers leading to Vincent being born. Talia insisted Vincent be raised in New Krypton as she sees him as a threat (because of how Damian turned on her).

Prior to the takeover, he was raised as a nobody but when Zod was released from the Phantom Zone and took over Krypton, he took his place beside his father. King Zod has little love for his son and hates he's not more like himself.


Crass, spoiled rich boy.


If he were on earth, he'd be half Superman/Zod like, being of mixed birth. On NK, he's forgone all training in combat and instead operates as a tactician - much more like the mother he's only heard of. He is incredibly intelligent and an amazing strategist though he doesn't let people know it.

Physical Appearance

Slightly shorter than his father and a less impressive build.

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Image of Vincent Zod-al Ghul
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