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Image of Mayhem

Summary: Crazy? It just being Mayhem


Gender: Male

Age: 28

Group: Villains




Biological parents-Unknown

"Adoptive" Parent-Joker


Mayhem was once a normal child, however Joker "adopted" him, and gave him the Joker treatment of torture and being thrown down into chemicals. However Mayhem didn't come out like Joker, yes he became deranged, but also very enraged. Mayhem gained some other abilities and mechanics, gaining great known and abilities that caused him to become the villain known as Mayhem.


Very deranged, loves to cause choas and destruction. Murder is his favorite pass time, his humor is twisted, has a very twisted laugh, more so then the Joker.


An excellent engineer and inventor of mechanics and cybernetics.

Master chemist
Twice as stronge as an averge person, can jump twice his body height, twice as fast as a average human.

Retractable claws(on his hands and feet, that can tear through flesh and give him a grip on surfaces) and fangs(Which can pierce through thick cloth), which are fused with a chemical that is much like Joker Venom, but also causes rage.

Has a cybernetic part that allows him to breathe a gas that works like Joker Toxin, but causes rage as well. (However it is always active and needs a gasmask to keep it in check.)

Regeneration(Which leaves scars behind, it also takes him hours for him to regenerate a hand, so if he loses an arm, he will have it back in two days.)

Physical Appearance

Mayhem has surgical scars over his forhead, he wears a gasmask in order to keep his Mayhem Toxin in check. He wears a dark jacket with a grey shirt and black pants. He doesn't wear any shoes. He has pale skin, sharp teeth, red eyes, and blood red hair.

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