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Summary: SuperAlex

Alexandra "Alex" Danvers, BME Ph. D.

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Group: Resistance




Jeremiah Danvers (father)
Eliza Danvers (mother)


Alex was born in Midvale to her parents; scientists Jeremiah and Eliza Danvers. When she was six years old, Alex and her parents visited Nagano, Japan for the summer. Alex grew homesick so one night, a local village girl helped her sneak down to one of the temples. There, Alex wrote down a wish and placed the paper in a crack in the wall in the hopes that it would come true. Since early childhood, Alex displayed a gifted intellect and brilliant attitude towards science. As a teenager, she enrolled in Midvale Junior High, obtaining remarkable results. Between junior high school and high school, she was recruited into a school for the gifted in Metropolis. At this school, she met and became best friends with Lex Luthor.

In college, she pursued a bioengineering M.D./PhD at an accelerated speed and finished the Ph.D. portion at the age of 23. Despite her intelligence and academic results, Alex grew up a troubled young adult who used hard partying and heavy drinking to cope with her insecurities and troubles, including her latent homosexuality and the loss of both of her parents. After a night of drinking and clubbing led to a DUI and her arrest, Alex was visited by Hank Henshaw in jail. He offered her a position at the D.E.O., pointing out that she owed it to her parents to be the person they knew she could be. Alex had to go through a full year of training before being allowed to work in the field, Alex soon proved herself as one of the best agents, quickly becoming Hank's second-in-command. Her success at work was due in part to devoting nearly all her time towards her work due to her struggles with dating and romance, unconsciously suppressing any feelings she developed towards other women.

Alex had to attend a conference in Geneva but Flight 237, on which she was traveling, was sabotaged by Vartox to kill her and other D.E.O. agents on board. Normally such a flight would have been saved by Superman but the year before he and the Justice League died. She was the sole survivor, but she has left a quadriplegic. For over a year she laid there a helpless husk of her former self until Lex gave her a purpose. She was assigned to the Infinity Project; the project’s goal was to create a serum that would give ordinary people superpowers under Lex’s control. While working on the project she finally admitted the truth to herself about her sexuality & began dating a fellow scientist on the project.

For the next several years she worked on the project, within a year she was the lead scientist. Alex knew who Lex was, she was also not naïve enough to know this project would be for the betterment of humanity like Lex told them. She kept Lex from ever knowing the full story on the project. She knew he could see all the data on the servers and computers. She knew they were being monitored. She worked on the project in secret. Eventually, she successfully developed the Infinity Serum. She could not afford to test it on an animal, if it got loose, she would not be able to catch it and she would be in huge trouble. She could not afford to test it on just anyone, so she injected herself with it. She gained the powers of Supergirl. She then proceeded to work as normal the next day, always the first to arrive. Instead of getting to work right away, she stole prototype nanites to create her super suit. Donning the suit, she destroyed the labs. She had no idea where backup data would be stored but without the physical materials, it would set them back.


Alex is a courageous and independent person, who faces danger head-on. She is caring, confident, and headstrong, with the same passion for biomedical engineering as her parents. Despite her good traits, sometimes Alex can be impulsive and prone to make difficult decisions crossing the line between right and wrong (some might even classify her as morally grey). However, she has a great sense of justice. After much soul searching and exploration, Alex finds the courage to come out as a lesbian to herself. Alex's interactions with her ex show a more flustered, awkward, and almost goofy side of her personality. Above all, Alex is a strong woman, she fights for what she believes in and has a difficult time giving up. She is fond of leather jackets.


Powers: Infinity Physiology
*Solar energy absorption
**Accelerated healing factor
***Contaminant immunity
***Sleep flight
**Heat vision
***Extreme heat resistance
***Atmospheric adaption
**Reverse photosynthesis
**Superhuman Senses
***Night vision
****X-ray vision
***Superhuman hearing
**Freeze breath
**Superhuman speed
***Accelerated perception
***Super reflexes
***Time deceleration
**Superhuman strength
**Superhuman jumping/leaping
*Superhuman stamina
*Extended longevity
*Telepathy immunity

*Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist
**Skilled knife-wielder
**Expert markswoman
**Expert swordswoman
**Expert stick-fighter
*Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader
**M.D. and a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering
**Expert interrogator/Torturer
**Explosives expert
**Expert driver/Pilot
*Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain

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