Uncle Clark?

"Uncle Clark?" the man scoffs, "figures... Silver spoon and all. And no, didn't say Black was in Gotham, just that Luthor would know where Black was for sure and how to get there or would be able to get him here... either way, that's the plan."

The man stands and puts his helmet back on.

"Well, I wish I could say it's been nice chatting but you clearly can't help me. Figures. All you princes and princesses of the 'superhero royalty' are the same... your folks let it all happen and let anyone outside their little 'league' fend for themselves," he said using exaggerated air quotes at times.

"Word of advice: Next time, stay out of my way."

He walked to the end of the alley where a motorcycle roar was getting louder and closer. As it streaked by, he grabbed it and was on it, and tearing into the night aboard it.

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