Home Sweet Home

"You are so lucky I don't have heat vision." Adam says to himself as this nobody left. He jumps into the air, a bit wobbly, and takes flight.

Adam flies over a couple more rooftops, feeling the wind around his clothes. For a second he forgets about the roaming drones. He spots one coming in the distance, it's red light scanning the nearby buildings. Adam dives down just as the light's about to scan where he is.

He lands on the ground with a solid thud. Adam looks around to see if anyone's nearby before taking off his mask and shoving it back into his pocket. He winces at his right shoulder, his jacket now stained red. Adam peeks his head out of the alley and walks along the wall of the buildings, staying in the shadows.

After a couple of blocks, he makes it to a road block. Luthor's men IDing people coming in and out of Gotham. Adam eyes the big concrete walls with barbed wire over the top. Spotlights swarm over the wall, back and forth, back and forth. Adam waits for the opportunity as the spotlight swims over it once more, then flies over the dark wall before anyone spots him.

Another while goes by as Adam walks through the woods. Limbs crowding over him, but he doesn't seem to mind. This seems to be familiar. Adam gets to the edge of the woods and spots a burned down mansion. He walks past the broken gate with the name WAYNE MANOR on the plaque.

Adam walks over the destroyed wood and burnt floor over to a trap door. He yanks it open and sees a dark abyss into the ground. After a moment, Adam jumps down. His feet land hard onto the cold dense concrete.

His hand searches for a small light switch on the right wall. He flips it on and a dim light covers the dirty and old Batcave. "Back to work." Adam says to himself.

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