“Alright computer, let’s see what you got for me.” Adam says as he switches on the old batcomputer. It’s takes a while to boot up, the big screen flashes green then the usual bright blue.

Different news broadcasts pop up, nothing unusual. Luthor propaganda and the like. But something keeps popping up and down. As if someone’s trying to hide something. Something big.

It takes about ten minutes for Adam to download an article way up from New Krypton. It’s about this new “Superman” character. Adam nearly thinks he’s a fraud until he sees an actual picture of this new Superman.

Yeah it was blurry, yeah it was of his side, but it’s without a doubt a Kryptonian. Another solid bet is that it was Clark’s actual son.

“Holy shit Alex what are you doing?” Adam whispers to himself. The next course of action was contact.

Adam’s deductive mind split so that he could argue with himself until he found the best course of action. “Send an email or text. Shouldn’t be that hard to hack his phone.”

“Great, why not just send a message straight to Luthor that reads ‘Hey come head on down to kill us!’?”

“Alright, alright, I get it. Takes mail out of the question too I assume?”

“First, nobody’s mail stays safe anymore. Second, it’ll probably take too long and Alex’ll be dead by then.”

“Fine! Then I’ll go talk to him in person.”

“You? In New Krypton? Gothamites never fit in well over there.”

“Besides the insults, I don’t hear any protests.”

“It can work, use the fake ID, ditch the costume, wear bright colors and act like someone else. Yeah it could work.”

“Great, looks like we got our winner.” Adam turns off the computer and turns off the lights.

“Looks like I’m heading to New Krypton.”

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