Hello Old Friend

Alexander had been laying low in his apartment for the past few days after the news had popped up. He still went to work wearing a cough mask and tried to stick to working in the back, but the slight change in the people was obvious and he didn’t regret it.

Still, when the knock came on his door, Alex couldn’t help but freeze a moment. The steel door didn’t block his x-ray vision, so he was able to quickly spot who was behind it, and while it took him a good minute to recognize who it was. He hadn’t seen adam since they were kids, so seeing a grown version of the boy he knew was surprising. Eyes wide, he unlocked the door and swung it open, “Adam!?”

Adam walked in without a greeting or welcome. He just pushes past Alexander with a paranoid look. “You gotta stop whatever the hell you’re doing.” Adam looks around at Alexander’s apartment, doesn’t seem like something Luthor would be looking for. Maybe Alex thought this, or he got lucky. Again. Either way having Luthor looking for you isn’t good. Adam takes out a small device and begins scanning the room for bugs.

Closing the door after Adam walked in, Alex watched him pull out the bug scanner, furrowing his brow a moment as he realized what he was checking for. He didn’t interrupt him, but did speak up, “I do have my dad’s super senses, I would have known if my room was bugged. You can relax, it’s safe here...well, as safe as you can get in NK....what are you doing out of Gotham?” He then beamed and walked up to Adam, hugging him tightly, “Ah, forget it! It’s great to see you!”

Before Adam could protest, Alex had wrapped his arms around him. For a moment, Adam smiles, “It’s good to see you too, but that’s not why I’m here.” Adam manages to get free of Alex’s grasp and tries to level with him. “What’re you doing out in the city as Superman? If you’re going to do anything, at least do it when nobody’s looking. It’s safer that way, and won’t get you killed.

Alex took a step back from Adam as he leveled with him, and crossed his arms, taking a breath to puff his chest, “What’s the point of being Superman if you can’t inspire people.” It wasn’t a question, it was his statement. Still, Alex didn’t fully expect Adam to understand, “Look, your dad and mine didn’t always see eye to eye, and I don’t expect us to resolve their issues...but I can’t keep living in the shadows, with everyone around me lost and hopeless.....being Superman means I can be a symbol....maybe a foolish one, sure...but you probably saw the news right? People are talking. It matters to them.” He grinned, “And it mattered enough that even you got out of your cave to come say hi.”

“I… would’ve come by sooner or later.” That was a lie. Truth be told Adam’s never gone out looking for anyone else like him. Safer that way. Distance to keep Luthor searching. “So what’s your plan now? Gonna march down to Zod and have a beat down? Like the old days?” Inside Adam knew Alex was right, just like Clark was. Dad used to say that was his most annoying superpower, but that’s why he liked him so much.

Alex smirked, “As much as I would love to....no...not yet.” He sighed and rand a hand through the back of his head, ruffling his own short hair, “As much as I think I could take him....I can’t risk it without any back up plan....plus, not to mention, I doubt Luthor and the rest of the metas on both their payrolls would just sit back and do nothing.” He raises his free hand, looking at his open palm, before squeezing it into a fist, “....I need to inspire people...build up a resistance, so that we can take care of all the problems at once....I hate Luthor’s guts, but he wasn’t wrong all those years ago when he told people to stand up and fight for themselves....hehe. Wonder what kind of face he’d make if he heard I was feeding him his own medicine~” Alex chuckled at the idea of Luthor’s expression.

“Luthor also took out what he could first. He didn’t just attack the Hall of Justice as soon as he got a following. He took out what he perceived as the easiest link to take out.” Adam continued, almost talking to himself. “Building a resistance and taking down some soldiers is good and all, but it’s nothing compared to what else Luthor has. If you wanna inspire people, you gotta take out one of his heavy hitters.” Adam snaps back to reality. “Or not. You could always hang up the tights and live the rest of your life with your mom.” Adam offered.

Alex smirked again at Adam, glancing over at the TV screen in his room, it was small and cheap, but as he gazed at it, Alex spoke, “Well....with how much Luthor’s trying to hide it, I can only guess that I’ll be seeing a ‘heavy hitter’ or two step up for that kind of fight....but hey, it’s not all about the style. That convoy had innocent people that needed to be helped.” He gazed back at Adam, “....you know, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you wanted to help here....I’m not exactly the sharpest....and if you’re half as good as your dad was, then maybe we can make a real team out of it!” Alex was beaming, happy with the idea of his friend fighting by his side.

“I…” Adam thought about this, he didn’t exactly have any presence in Gotham besides the occasional soldier or two getting knocked around. “We can’t take on Zod, not yet. Even if you think you can take him, you probably couldn’t. You’re only half Kryptonian, and you’re younger. You’ve had less time under the sun.” Adam says, not confirming or denying the team up idea.

It was Alex’s turn to grimace and mentally admit that the other was right, “Alright, sure...but....look, I don’t know where my dad’s fortress is...maybe if we raided that, we could find something to...I don’t know. Even the odds?” Alex gave a large sigh, “Regardless, I’m not stopping....people need me. They need Superman....they need the Batman too I'm sure.” He reaches out and pats his friend on the shoulder, “....look, are you staying long? I can make us some cup ramen~”

“The batcomputer might know where the Fortress is…” Adam sighs. “And I wasn’t really planning on my stay being short or long. Only reason I came was to talk you out of… you know.” Adam thinks to himself, Alex isn’t going to stop. “If you’re up to it, we could probably find the Fortress and possibly, maybe, very unlikely actually beat Zod.”

Alex grinned and punched Alex (relatively) lightly on the shoulder, “Hahaha! New you had that fighter’s spirit in yah still! Well, if you’re gonna head out, then all the more reason to eat! It’s no celebration, but, hey, least I can do for my favorite (albeit only) fellow superhero I know!”

Adam sighed as his stomach growled. “Fine, beats eating hotdogs in a rundown mansion.”

Alex’s head popped out of his kitchen and he shouted, “Wait...you’re living out of that-....I mean...is that safe? Like, I know I made the joke about the cave....but are you alright?” Alex would then serve up some ramen for Adam and talk to him about how he had been living up until then.

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